The Be Studios is a co-working photography and event studio in the heart of Downtown, Worcester.

With tons of natural light, photography lighting, backdrops, fiber optic WiFi, monthly networking events, workshops and photography exhibits, Be Studios stands to build a sense of community in a creative space. (Oh, and let’s not forget the free coffee and free mail + package handling) We offer the space that you need for your next photo shoot or private event without the financial burden.

Shooting outdoors can cause a number of problems. Lighting can change from hard to soft with the movement of clouds, not to mention the limited amount of daylight at your disposal. When shooting in a studio you are sheltered from all the environmental variables and have full control. You can maintain consistency throughout your project, no matter how long it takes. Your light can remain identical from 8 a.m. all the way to midnight if that’s what it takes. You also have full control of your backgrounds and don't have to travel to get a different setting.

You simply tear down and build up each set right there on the spot. In the process you can add whatever elements you want. Usually on location you don't have that luxury. We offer the space photographers expect to bring their vision to life. 

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Be Studios

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