Giselle Rivera-Flores, co-founder

Giselle is an entrepreneur spreading the teachings of productivity and goal-achieving to hundreds of individuals and businesses to help create a balanced focus and heightened sense of clarity. Appearing as a public speaker in several entrepreneurial forums, Giselle is also the recipient of the WBJ's 40 under 40 award and the Entrepreneur and Small Business award from Women in Action, as well as the recipient of the 2019 Gateway Cities Innovator Award.

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Jaime Flores, Co-Founder

Jaime is a professional photographer with over a decade of experience in photo storytelling and event photography. Recipient of the 2019 Gateway Cities Innovator Award. Jaime facilitates all adult introductory classes and all children classes including the popular photojournalism.

Jaime Flores Photography



Jim Kusz

Jim is a professional photographer and the co-owner of Seeking Spirit Photography. Jim loves capturing the energy and emotions at weddings and during sports games. He loves sharing his passion for photography with others and believes that everyone has a unique view of the world that deserves to be shared.

Seeking Spirit Photography


Kate Lally

Kate is a spiritual life coach, licensed therapist and photographer. Photography served as a spiritual practice that allowed Kate to stay focused on the "light" in nature when she was in a dark space. When she met Jim Kusz, he saw her natural eye and found her a camera on Craigslist. Together, they began "Seeking Spirit" as a way of life and within a year, Seeking Spirit Photography came to life as a business. As a coach and a photographer, Kate is obsessed with capturing the light in others and bringing it out for all to see.

Seeking Spirit Photography